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PPMC Play Sheet
April 20, 2024
As each player checks in, ask them if they will be playing next week. If so, please draw a chip for them for their tee time.
Please ask each player if they will be riding next week. If yes, please mark it on the sheet.
If you pull a red money chip, put the playerís name on the bottom of the sheet on the money takerís line. If they have already taken money, they have the option of taking money again or drawing another tee time. If they have not taken money, they do not have the option to refuse. Please do not pair up two first year members to take money.
8:30 Bruce Gilbert   9:30    
  George Pellman Cart      
  Charlie Brown Cart      
  Frank Lewis Cart      
8:38 John Bandy Cart 9:38    
  Jim Knapp Cart      
  Don Perry Cart      
  Bob Hacker Cart      
8:45 Larry White Cart 9:45 Rich Jordan  
  Mo Page Cart      
  Jim Hanson Cart      
  Barry Waitkus Cart      
8:53 Ed Thomas Cart 9:53    
  Tony Casella        
  Phil Casella        
  Dave Baird Cart      
9:00 Gary Palmer   10:00    
  Tim Gaspard        
  Tim Blanco Cart      
  Kevin Heffington Cart      
9:08 Art Cochran Cart 10:08    
  Kevin Cochran Cart      
  Pat Kinsella        
  Tim Cull        
9:15 Dave Morse Cart 10:15    
  Barry Lowy Cart      
  Greg Geisen Cart      
  David Wilson Cart      
9:23 Eric Young Cart 10:23    
  Ojas Panwar Cart      
  David Nesmith        
  Clarence Williams Cart      
draw Merkley & Griffith 4/27 Money Takers  
Pete Schownir  
Jim Cawley Cart